Yes, folks I am entered into another competition.  This one is called Tyler Ward’s USA Live Lounge competition.  Tyler is a youtube guy like myself and has been steadily growing his fans through unique cover versions of popular songs, as well as catchy original material.  He started a competition recently with the grand prize being a trip to Denver (where he lives) to record a youtube video with him.

The entry had to be a cover of a popular song (meaning currently in the iTunes top 100) and had to be uploaded to youtube and added to the competition facebook page.  Since I was already thinking about covering a Sara Bareilles song (which also happens to be in the top 100) I decided to go for it and enter the competition as well.  If you click here you will arrive on the facebook page for the competition where I would ask you to “like” my video.  Since there are tons of entries already you may have to scroll down the “wall” to find mine.

Thanks in advance for helping me out and I’ll also link the cover video below for you to watch.


video link: