With my upcoming show back in my home area, the hometown paper did a story to help get the word out.  Check it out below.

Knorr to present concert in Worthington

You’ve probably heard of YouTube. Perhaps you’ve even viewed some of the works on the site. But did you know that you can listen to the original music of former Fulda resident, Ryan Knorr, on YouTube? Better still, on Saturday, November 27th, Knorr will present a concert at Benlee’s, Worthington, MN. Show time is at 7 p.m. and he will be performing original music from his most recent album, “The Path of Greatest Resistance” and sharing the stories behind his songs.

Knorr, Waukee, Iowa, is making a name for himself as a songwriter-singer. Currently, he tallies 1.5 million video views on YouTube. He has gained fans from all over the world. Fan comments exclaim about the easy to listen to lyrics and Knorr’s soothing voice.

Knorr is the son of Joy and Mike Knorr. He graduated from Fulda High School in 2003. Early on, Knorr knew that music was an art form that he wanted and needed in his life. He learned to play piano and taught himself to play guitar.

Upon graduation, Knorr had choices to make. Really wanting to study music, he considered going to a technical college that focused on music and recording. But, he also knew that he would need a good job to pay for all of the necessities of life.

Knorr chose to attend Buena Vista University, Storm Lake, Iowa, and studied mass communications. While in college, Knorr, along with a music professor on campus, proposed the idea to create a Music Production and Technology Program. The directors of the college accepted the proposal and a new career path was laid for Knorr. He graduated with a Music Production and Technology degree.

“What prompted me to go in the direction of being a musician was that it just felt like what I was supposed to do with my life,” Knorr stated. “It took me a while to arrive at that conclusion, but eventually I had to recognize that I was given specific talents and I had to use those talents to the best of my ability. For a long time I searched for a different career path because I knew of the long and hard road that music would lead me down, but somehow it kept calling me back until I eventually gave in and put my whole heart into pursuing it.”

In 2004, Knorr recorded his first album entitled “Emotion.”

Upon graduation from college, Knorr moved to Des Moines, Iowa. This move allowed him to be closer to his bride-to-be, Kelsey, who is a native of Carroll, Iowa. The couple married on September 22nd, 2007.

“Just a few days before I was to get married, I sat alone in my apartment, strumming on the guitar when a certain line caught my ear. A melody followed and I scribbled down some phrases on a sheet of paper. At that moment, “What About Me” was born. The song was written out of sheer confusion about what life brings our way,” Knorr said. It was that same day that Knorr decided to record a video of himself playing the new song and he uploaded it to YouTube.

“Recording for YouTube was a good way for me to show my family and friends my latest musical creations,” Knorr commented.

What happened was that the song accumulated a few video views. Then the encouraging comments began and Knorr realized that YouTube was a promotional tool that he could easily utilize.

In 2007, he recorded his second album entitled “Reverie.”

Just when Knorr felt things were “looking up” with his music, he experienced several months of no drive and no passion in the area of his music. His guitar ended up in a corner of the closet while he searched for a “more realistic career path…one that would leave music out of the picture for good.” Then one day, Knorr took his guitar out of the closet and wrote a new song entitled “Isle of Eroding Sand.”

“The song “Isle of Eroding Sand” is sort of about holding on to what’s left, even though it seems like the ground is washing away underneath your feet,” Knorr commented. “For me as an artist, there’s always a fear that when I haven’t written anything new in a while that maybe I won’t remember how or the magic will be gone and I’ll have writer’s block forever. It seems extreme, but that fear does come into play and sometimes I think it actually inspires my mind to dig a little deeper and come up with something fresh.”

Knorr added more of his original songs to YouTube, and his fan base continued to grow.

“The video and internet thing was something that I never really expected. Once I started to see views and positive comments, it definitely pushed me forward and gave me the confidence to know that I could continue on the musical path,” Knorr stated. “Without those things, I’m not sure if I would have had the will-power to continue. Regionally, and even locally, it has still been difficult for me to get my name out there, and yet someone in Europe or Australia will email me and tell me that they love my music. The only reason they know me is because of watching my videos on YouTube, so that has been essential to my music career so far. It’s grown into a fan-base who have pushed me to continue working on new, original music, and who really created a demand for me to finish my latest album because I knew I had fans waiting to hear it.”

In December of 2009, Knorr booked studio time and began planning a new full-arrangement album. He also crossed over the one million mark in total video views with viewers from all over the world.

Early in 2010, Knorr’s most recent album, “The Path of Greatest Resistance” began production. He recorded several of the initial tracks in his home studio and then went to The Sonic Factory Studio, Des Moines, to work with the bass recordings and drum tracks.

Even though Knorr is seeing fan numbers grow, it is the satisfaction of sharing his talent with fans that upholds his talent and pushes him to hone his musical skills.
“Honestly, I think that the reason I was so afraid to pursue music at first was because I knew how difficult it would be,” Knorr said. “It’s not necessarily that I didn’t believe that I had talent, but talent alone doesn’t necessarily get you anywhere in the world of the music business. What has also changed is that music is moving away from huge labels and record contracts, and back to the independent artists. If this were even 20 years ago, I probably wouldn’t be pursuing music at all. I would have had to move to a huge market (New York, LA, etc) and would have tried to get noticed there out of the masses of others that were doing the same thing. Today the internet has changed that and I have a shot at creating a career on my own. I am able to market myself online and go directly to the fans. The downside of this is that the internet allows anyone to do this. So now the market is flooded with musicians trying to make new fans and trying to get noticed in that vast sea of the internet that is even bigger than those huge cities of LA and New York. As an independent artist, it’s constant work to keep up with the marketing side of things and still continue to create new art for the fans. I’m the artist. I record the music and mix and master a lot of it in my home studio. I do the booking and management aspects on my own. I do the marketing and public relations work on my own. That’s a lot to handle but in the end it allows me to control my own destiny without a huge company telling me what I can and can’t do with my own music.”

By Norma Dittman
Fulda Free Press staff writer