Have you ever had a question for me?  Well now you have a chance to find out the answer.  There is a site out there called Formspring and it allows for you to easily ask me a question and then I will reply with an answer.  What’s also cool about it is that you will be able to read all of the other questions from others fans and my answers to those as well.  Click here to check out the ones I’ve already answered and to also ask me your question(s).


I have to say that I am definitely busy enough with the sites I already have to keep track of and update, however I have joined a new one anyway.  This time it’s a site called Tumblr and it’s actually been around for a while.  I have decided to try to keep my main site and also my facebook fan page mostly about what’s happening with my music.  Tumblr will be the place where I can document more of my day to day happenings.  It will allow me to post more blogs, pictures, videos, etc in a nice easy to follow format about a variety of topics and ideas.   I invite you to check it out by clicking here.

Another ustream show

For those that missed the first live performance/chat that I did a while back, it was a great experience. You can check out the recorded video under the “videos” section of my site. As promised, I set up another show for Nov 20th at 7pm (Central Time). I’m going to try to get some of my sound equipment set up for a little bit better sound but we’ll see what happens there. Anyway, I hope you’ll join me for the next event! You will find me on ustream here.