Mumford and Sons Cover

Here’s my cover of Mumford and Son’s song “Timshel”

Live From Youtube on iTunes

I just checked iTunes to see if my other album was there yet and I can now say that “Live From Youtube” is in the iTunes store. Click here to check it out.

Pay What You Want

One of the features included in my music store (which is powered by bandcamp) is the option to use the “pay what you want model” of pricing. This basically sets it up so the fan has the choice of what they want to pay for the music. Since I’ve been trying out different strategies, I wanted to try this one as well. So for a limited time all of the albums in my store are set to this pay model. I hope you’ll check it out. Click the “store” link above or click here to go directly to my official music store.

Reverie on iTunes

I have just confirmed that my album “Reverie” is now available on iTunes. Click here to go to iTunes and download!