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Hope For The Musical World

Wanted to pass along this article. Thanks for the kind words, Fern.

Hope for the musical world
Some people say that young, new musicians can’t get anywhere in life, but I know that that is just preposterous.

By: Fern Sweeney – Monday 30 May 2011

Some people say that being a musician in this day and age is pointless, since it’s difficult to be original anymore without singing something that already been sung, but Ryan Knorr has proved that wrong. His music is original, amazing, and true.

As a ninth-grader last year, I wrote my English sonnet on his song ‘Time Machine’. When I heard his piano cover of ‘3am’ by Matchbox Twenty, it brought a tear to my eye and evaporated my migraine better than any Excedrin ever could. Music is medicine for the soul, and Ryan Knorr’s music is the antidote to everything. He gives me hope for decency, life, and passion in music. He gives me hope that music will evolve past Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. He gives me hope that I, as a musician myself, could survive making my own music, beyond just writing songs on my guitar like I do now. He gets past those who openly claim to dislike him and just goes on with his life, helping others with his life-giving music. When I read his blog, and hear his music, I think “This is what I want to do with my life”. I also think “OMG you are the best EVER!”, but that is just my high school girl pheromones taking over.

Writing music is the most exhilarating thing I’ve ever felt, and to know that it’s possible to do that and share it with the world gives me faith in the human race itself. I’m inspired to continue on with my life no matter what happens. He’s my idol, my favorite, and the one musician I can have conversations with on twitter – which, as a high school girl, seems like the coolest thing ever. Sometimes I wonder when I became both a crazy fan and, in a way, his student, but then I know it was the very moment I heard his voice; it was his cover of ‘Her Diamonds’ on YouTube.

I hear people like Rebecca Black get famous for being horrible, and I think “WTF? Why can’t Ryan Knorr be famous for being good?”, but the answer reaches me before I realize it. The majority of the world doesn’t want good music, they just want sound that they can dance to. I’d guess that at least half the world doesn’t care about lyrics or passion, just a swaying beat, but when I hear Ryan, and I see how many fans he’s gained, I know that, someday, the rest of the world will grow up and be ready for him. I just hope that day is soon, while he still has as much faith in himself as I do.