It’s time for week 2 of my Music Monday series here on the blog. Red Wanting Blue is a band out of Ohio who has been touring the country almost non-stop for more than 10 years. I actually “discovered” them through a friend of mine, Nick Motil, who is a singer-songwriter and Ohio native himself and has opened for a few of their shows. Recently I’ve been listening to their latest album “These Magnificent Miles” and I find myself hitting the repeat button over and over again. Truly a great album with every single track being a memorable one. Not only is the album great, but a little while back I saw them live in Ames, IA. I was impressed by not only the live performance, but also the obvious passion they have for sharing their music. But enough rambling from me, let’s get to the music. Below is a video for one of my favorite tracks, “Where You Wanna Go.” They also have tons of live performance footage on Youtube so be sure to check that out as well.