Music Monday – Chris Gelbuda

Just a quick post today for Music Monday but I wanted to share another artist I found through Insider Sessions. His name is Chris Gelbuda and the song below is one of his that instantly caught my ear. Check out “How Did I Lose Track of You” and his EP on iTunes.

Music Monday – Matt Duke

I’m back again for yet another music monday. This week I’ve got a video for you from an artist by the name of Matt Duke. I found this particular video as I was searching through the Insider Sessions website. If you recall, I played a few songs and did an interview for that site just a few weeks back and there’s a lot of great material over there. So definitely check out the many great artists on that site if you haven’t done so already.

I pulled this video clip below from Matt Duke’s Insider Session as he made a stop in Des Moines to play at Vaudeville Mews. I’m a sucker for songs with a story and I believe that any song that moves a person emotionally probably has a very real story behind it. However, most of the time we don’t get to hear those back stories, so when an artist does share some insight into the songwriting of a particular song, I’m always drawn to it even more. This clip features Matt Duke’s song “The Hour.” I hope you enjoy it.

Music Monday – Orla Gartland

For music monday this week I am sharing with you a young songwriter I found on youtube a while back. In the typical youtube fashion I discovered her by checking out a Mumford and Sons cover song medley that she performed. From there I was impressed and moved on to her original material. Not only does she have a very strong and distinct voice, but her original songs contain a unique writing style all her own. This is evident in the video I share with you below. Hope you enjoy it and make sure to check out more of her material on youtube.

Matt Nathanson Modern Love cover

Music Monday – Insider Sessions

For today’s music monday I thought I would do a little bit of partial self promotion and at the same time share with all of you a cool website for checking out new artists. The website is At this site you will find “sessions” from local Iowa musicians, as well as regional and national artists that happen to be stopping by the area for a show. The concept is the artist will play a few songs as well as be interviewed so the viewer can learn a little bit about the person(s) behind the music.

Now here’s where I come into the picture. A little over a week ago I participated in an Insider Session and that is now posted online for you to check out. Click here to check out the videos and be sure to check out other past “sessions” as well. You’ll find some great music. Enjoy!

Music Monday – Relient K

Here we are again on music monday and it seems like I was just writing a post yesterday. The weeks are flying by. This week I’ve decided to share with you a band that I’ve been listening to off and on for a quite some time. That band happens to be Relient K. I was introduced to them in my early teen years by a few friends and didn’t really pay that much attention until their album “mmhmm” came out. There was something about it that even to this day just makes me feel like every song is speaking directly to me. In terms of lyrics it’s quite a bit darker than their previous material and if you know anything about my music, you’ll probably see why I relate. 🙂

Aside from the album mentioned above, I’ve just recently been listening to their latest effort called “Forget And Not Slow Down.” It’s a mix of sounds and each song seems well thought out and unique in its own right. However, the title track caught my ear right away and I have a video below that includes the music and the lyrics so you can follow along. Specifically what I focus on is the depth of the lyrics. For a band that has the “pop punk” sort of sound it is rare to find lyrics that are this well thought out. At first you might be bobbing your head and tapping your foot along to the beat, but take a moment to really soak up the lyrics and I think you’ll appreciate the message here. The theme of this song is something that’s been on my mind lately while I try to stay more in the present instead of dwelling on the past and worrying about the future. I hope you enjoy this one and make sure to check out the rest of the album as well.