I’m back again for yet another music monday. This week I’ve got a video for you from an artist by the name of Matt Duke. I found this particular video as I was searching through the Insider Sessions website. If you recall, I played a few songs and did an interview for that site just a few weeks back and there’s a lot of great material over there. So definitely check out the many great artists on that site if you haven’t done so already.

I pulled this video clip below from Matt Duke’s Insider Session as he made a stop in Des Moines to play at Vaudeville Mews. I’m a sucker for songs with a story and I believe that any song that moves a person emotionally probably has a very real story behind it. However, most of the time we don’t get to hear those back stories, so when an artist does share some insight into the songwriting of a particular song, I’m always drawn to it even more. This clip features Matt Duke’s song “The Hour.” I hope you enjoy it.