One of the greatest things I’ve found from uploading my videos to youtube is the ability to connect with people who seemingly love and enjoy music as much as I do.  But beyond that, there are those special moments that have made the experience of sharing my music and videos something that seems like it matters.  What I’m talking about here are not only the wonderful comments that complete strangers post on a daily basis, but also those personal emails that I receive that let me know that I’m giving something back to the world.

A little while back I received one of those emails that stopped me dead in my tracks.  To be honest, I was a feeling a bit unmotivated with music and was struggling to “force” myself to keep it going.  This happens more often than I wish would be the case, but we all have our ups and downs with things in life.  But there it was sitting in my inbox; a message that I needed to see on that day.

A woman by the name of Ann wrote to me with the subject, “Please read this, will you?” and I began to make my way through the email.  The contents told the story of a friend, and asked a favor of me as well.  You see, Ann had this friend named Em who she cared about deeply.  This was more than evident by her word usage and tone throughout the message.  I could “feel” how much she cared as I read the words.

Ann told me of how Em was in an accident on her birthday a year ago and was struggling.  The exact details of the accident I’m not sure of, but her story talked of many different medical tests and medications to deal with ongoing pain.  And even though Em was strong and was fighting as hard as she could, these issues were starting to wear on her.  I felt for her as I continued on through the email.

Ann asked one thing of me; if I could dedicate a special cover song to Em for her birthday this year.  She told me that Em was a fan of mine and loved to watch my videos.  They were a source of enjoyment in a time that was otherwise filled with struggle.  She gave me three special songs to pick from to see if I could cover one of those songs for Em.  So that’s exactly what this video is and it’s dedicated to her from her friend Ann and from myself.  This is one of her favorite songs.

Em, may this bring a smile to your face and take away the pain, even if for only a moment.  Happy Late Birthday!