Hey everyone,

About a week or so ago I was listening to random songs in my iTunes collection and happened upon a group I thought I would share with all of you.  Unfortunately I don’t believe they are writing music together anymore, but I did a quick check and their previous album that I am going to recommend is still on iTunes so I can still share that with you.  The band is called 40 Watt Bulb and they were a group from north-central Minnesota that I met once when I was interning at a recording studio in Mankato, MN.  I guess you would say there sound is more towards roots and folk music, but I don’t want to label it completely, so you can take a listen and hear for yourself.  This is actually one of my absolute favorite albums that I continue to listen to over and over again.  The songs are easy to sing along to, and you’ll find clever lyrics throughout.

You can find them on iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/shovels-length-short/id156951441

or on Spotify here: Forty Watt Bulb – Shovel’s Length Short

The main songwriter also has some solo music out so you find out more about that here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Drew-Peterson-Music/111334485555792