“Like The Rain” is a song about constantly comparing myself to other artists and musicians and I guess a little bit about jealousy in general. After “The Path of Greatest Resistance” came out I had these grand illusions in my head that my music career was going to take off and that everything was just going to fall into place quickly and easily. When those things didn’t work out exactly as I had planned, I began to compare myself to other musicians and artists to try to figure out what I was doing “wrong.”

All of this constant comparison only lead me down the wrong path but I was caught up in it at the time. Thoughts like, “how come they got this gig and I didn’t?” or “how did they get so many facebook fans or youtube subscribers?” were things I was focusing on instead of just focusing on my own music. It didn’t make sense to me how it appeared like others were getting ahead of me so quickly and I was looking for that “ah-hah” moment, but of course it never came. Every artist and musician’s career is different and while looking at what other people have done can be a good guide, dwelling on the fact that you’re not them, is not.

I heard a quote during this time that said, “someone else’s success is not your failure.” Once I realized this I began to change my mind about constantly comparing myself to others and I tried to put the focus back on my own music and working on this new album. Every once in awhile I can feel these thoughts creeping back in but now that I’m better equipped to recognize them, I’m better able to put things back into perspective and keeping moving forward.