“Somebody Somebody” is a song about a female character that I created that is longing to be saved or rescued from the situation she is in. Although the song is talking about this woman’s struggle, it is actually intended to leave the listener with a positive message that there is always hope and no matter the situation, help can somewhere be found. The woman is crying out, “Someday somebody’s coming to get me out. Someday somebody’s coming to save me. Someday’s not that far away, it’s now. Somebody’s coming for me.”

Sometimes I like to use a character in a song to kind of change things up from always writing from the first person perspective and I put this song toward the middle of the album so that it takes the listener away from the many first person perspective songs and into someone else’s journey for a couple of minutes. However, the song can be applied universally to anyone’s struggles and that’s what I try to do with my music overall so that the listener can make a song meaning adapt to whatever they have going on in their lives.