“Luck” is a song that should be pretty easy to understand. I feel like throughout my life I haven’t had the greatest of luck. Maybe everyone feels that way or maybe it’s just something I use as an excuse, but I have too many instances to point to that prove that I don’t have much luck at all. My wife seems to have the same issue so we’re equally in trouble some days.

I don’t remember a specific event that happened that triggered this theme for a song but somehow when I came up with that opening guitar progression, the words “I don’t know why but my luck, it’s run out on me” just sort of came out of my mouth and I went with it.

This song is another one where I used personification. You can read a little bit more about that in my blog on the song “Waiting” which was featured a few songs earlier on this album. Basically I made “luck” into a human character who has deceived me time and time again, yet I want it come back. It’s also one where the guitar chords and progression is different than what I would usually write, so it turned out to be a unique song overall.