“Maybe” is a song that’s already 4-5 years old now. I made a youtube video in early 2009 of me playing the song live shortly after I had written it, so that gives you an idea of the age of it. The song is one of the only songs I ever remember writing in which I didn’t have a guitar in my hands or a piano in front of me while writing the lyrics. My songwriting has always worked best when I start with the music and then move on to lyrics when something seems to “spark” my creative brain through whatever I’m hearing on guitar or piano.

This song still began that way in that I remember coming up with the opening guitar riff, but then in the middle of working on the song, I had to go to work. Whenever I write a song I tend to sing whatever lines I’ve come up with over and over in my head until something else comes to mind for a new line and I move on from there. While I was on a break I was doing this same thing and the lines were seemingly writing themselves, which is a great feeling when songwriting.

Soon I had the lyrics for the song and I remember going home to figure out which chords would go with what I was hearing in my head for the melody of the chorus. This again was something new because usually the chords dictate the melody and not vise versa. I figured out the chord progression and the song was born.

Lyrically the song focuses on the bigger picture in life and the struggle of trying to find a niche in this world. I guess I would call it “old school Ryan Knorr stuff” when it comes to the lyrics on this one. It’s about trying to figure it all out in order to make the right changes in life to get myself going in the right direction. It’s about looking to a day when I’ll finally be content with where I’m at and I don’t have to look back at past mistakes to figure out where I’ve gone wrong. And most of all it’s about the day when I can get over my regrets and no longer dwell on the “what ifs” of life.

In the years since writing this song I’ve created some of the “change” that I talk about in the song but some things I have yet to change and am still working on. This song will forever remind me to keep striving for something new and something better and to let the past be the past. I hope it can do the same for you.