“Driving In The Dark” is probably the darkest sounding song on this album. There’s something about the sound of minor chords on a piano that I just love so much, and this song features just that sound. To most, this is probably going to sound like a relationship song as the lyrics definitely fit that mold, however I didn’t write it with that in mind.

I had a big opportunity a few years ago when I was contacted to possibly play a show with a major artist. That artist was Edwin McCain and I was in contact with a large festival in North Carolina that wanted me to open their show on main night of music. Edwin was going to be the featured act. After talking with the organizers over a period of a few weeks, I suddenly lost contact with them. Phone calls and emails went unanswered and I had no clue what was going on.

Making a long story short, when I finally got in touch with them again, the main organizer had suddenly left the group and the event was no longer going to take place. It was a serious letdown to say the least. To this day I’m still unsure of what really took place for the whole thing to fall apart, but I guess I’ll never know.

When thinking about all that had happened and the opportunity for my music career that was lost, I started to think about how sometimes it can feel like we’re just wandering around this world with no real clue of what we’re doing. One day things seem absolutely perfect and the next day a disaster of sorts can strike. We just never know, and that lead me to shape the song around the idea of driving around in this unknown world where anything can happen.

In one of my previous songs on this album, “Luck”, I talked about how I feel like I don’t have much of those good vibes coming my way. This song ties into that theme with the chorus being about a sort of “curse” that I’m trying to escape. The album is cyclical in that many of the songs tie together as you move through the album and it honestly wasn’t something I was conscious of while writing these songs. I’ve sort of stumbled upon this connection as I’ve been writing these “behind the songs” blogs and it’s been neat to discover the subconscious thoughts that must have tied these songs together.

Oh and if you’re wondering about the rain and thunder in this track; I recorded it live by placing a microphone next to my open window. I was set to record vocals for the track and I noticed it was beginning to lightning outside. Bummed that I was thinking I would have to stop recording, I decided to crack open the window and see if I could pick up some sounds as it began to rain. It was an absolute perfect fit for the track and was a total coincidence that I just happened to be about to record vocals as this storm moved in. And just when I thought I had no luck at all, I guess you could call that a bit of it right there.