“Intended Destiny” is a song about the ups and downs of being a musician and songwriter and my creative inspiration that comes and goes. To be honest, my creative juices and inspiration for music aren’t always as strong as you might assume. I’ve had times where I write a lot of songs and I’m really excited about the music and work on it constantly, and I’ve had other times where I will go for months and don’t feel like playing or writing at all. Sometimes, I even question whether I want to quit it altogether.

The times where I don’t feel inspired or motivated to play music are the ones that puzzle me the most. I don’t know if I just get burnt out or what it really is, but I have yet to come up with a good reason for the rollercoaster ride.

I wrote this song at a time when I could feel my motivation and enjoyment of music slipping away. For some reason I knew that the lull was beginning to set it and I was grasping for every last ounce of inspiration I had to finish writing music for this album. I was questioning if I really wanted to continue writing songs and if i wanted to start the long journey of recording all of them for an album. It seemed like too daunting of a task and I was losing interest in doing all of that. However deep down I still felt like I was put on the earth to share my music and so I pushed on.

Maybe it’s just one of the reasons I’m here but I felt an obligation to finish all of these songs for everyone to hear. I wanted to become my intended destiny, which I still believe involves music in some way. Hearing all of these songs now confirms that I made the right choice in continuing, and my hard work turned out to be something I can share with all who will listen. It’s the reason I continue to do what I do and I thank you for listening.