Ryan Knorr is a unique kind of singer/songwriter. With over 3 million video views on youtube, he is utilizing the internet to find fans all over the world. His music focuses on lyrics that are easy to relate to and a voice you'll never forget.

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Driving In The Dark

The Darker Side by Ryan Knorr “Driving In The Dark” is probably the darkest sounding song on this album. There’s something about the sound of minor chords on a piano that I just love so much, and this song features just that sound. To most, this is probably going to sound like a relationship song […]


The Darker Side by Ryan Knorr “Maybe” is a song that’s already 4-5 years old now. I made a youtube video in early 2009 of me playing the song live shortly after I had written it, so that gives you an idea of the age of it. The song is one of the only songs […]


The Darker Side by Ryan Knorr “Luck” is a song that should be pretty easy to understand. I feel like throughout my life I haven’t had the greatest of luck. Maybe everyone feels that way or maybe it’s just something I use as an excuse, but I have too many instances to point to that […]