Ryan Knorr is a unique kind of singer/songwriter. With over 3 million video views on youtube, he is utilizing the internet to find fans all over the world. His music focuses on lyrics that are easy to relate to and a voice you'll never forget.

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Someday Somebody

The Darker Side by Ryan Knorr “Somebody Somebody” is a song about a female character that I created that is longing to be saved or rescued from the situation she is in. Although the song is talking about this woman’s struggle, it is actually intended to leave the listener with a positive message that there […]


The Darker Side by Ryan Knorr “Waiting” is a song about patience, or in this case, the lack thereof. This song is similar to “Like The Rain” in that it touches on the same issue of comparing myself to others and wishing I could achieve more in a faster timeframe. The more I would obsess […]

The World

The Darker Side by Ryan Knorr “The World” is a song that was inspired by a trip that my wife and I took to a First Nation community in a remote area of Canada. First Nations are the various Aboriginal peoples in Canada and are some of the indigenous groups that first settled the country […]